The Story of Monty's Pet Nat - Trailer Video!

History in the making! Get a flavour of how the UK's first 'Pet Nat' sparkling wine was created by Monty Waldin and Albury Organic Vineyard. Filmed over a year, this series of 13 short films tells the unique story. English Winemaking at its best!

Albury Vineyard has teamed up with Monty Waldin, an expert in biodynamic wine, to produce Monty's Pet Nat, the UK's first petillant naturel. Monty's Pet Nat is a natural wine made by completing the first fermentation in the bottle. It is a lively, fresh sparkling wine with a cloudy sediment which adds to its character. It has a ripe pear, zesty and citrus nose, and is dry on the palate with notes of fresh lemons, and a hint of mandarin in the finish.

We will be uploading videos onto Monty’s Pet Nat Facebook page every week and the trailer is available to watch now! If you are interested in the story of Monty’s Pet Nat, here’s what you can do:-

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What's the story of Monty's Pet Nat?

Monty Waldin had always wanted to make an English wine, but only if he could find the best quality biodynamic grapes. When he met Nick Wenman, owner of Albury Vineyard and advocate of biodynamics, Monty made it his mission to convince Nick to part with some of his Chardonnay grapes in order to make a natural wine. It's been a risky process, and neither Nick nor Monty were quite sure how the wine would turn out because, when making pet nat, nothing is added to control how the wine ferments. Monty's Pet Nat contains only fermenting grape juice with only minimal SO2 - the yeast which fermented the grape sugar into wine were the wild yeasts present in Albury vineyard. As Monty says:

"This is what a pétillant naturel should be about – letting nature have a free hand to create a beautiful, unique and groundbreaking English bubbly: savoury, off-dry, lightly fizzy and mouthwateringly drinkable."

Watch the story unfold...

Monty's Pet Nat is one of few wines to have its own series of videos! Our 13-part series of short video clips, produced by Ant Palmer at Seablue Media, tells the story of how Monty's Pet Nat has been made. Each clip, lasting a few minutes, is light-hearted and entertaining, and the series gives viewers an insight into how natural wine can be produced in the UK. Start following the story here, and remember to ‘like and share’ to be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Monty’s Pet Nat!