Our Values

Champion Sustainability

We're passionate about making great wine sustainably by putting the environment first.

Sustainability is a core value for us whether it's by managing the vineyard itself alongside nature, by changing our packaging, improving recycling initiatives, or by reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

We're committed to shaping the future of the UK wine industry through educating and inspiring others to strive towards greater sustainability, and are founding members of the Wine GB Sustainability scheme.


Embrace Nature

Growing vines organically and in harmony with nature has been our priority from the start.

As a biodynamic vineyard, we avoid using systemic chemicals on the land preferring the use of natural preparations and compost teas. This allows wildlife to thrive and the vineyard provides a live habitat for birds, bees, flowers and frogs! 

We work alongside Butterfly Conservation to grow plants specifically for endangered butterflies and our new wildlife walk features wild flower meadows designed to attract pollinators. 


Grow Partnerships

Working with others is at the heart of what we do, whether it's through inviting those in the local community to join our wine club and get involved in vineyard life, by joining forces with other Surrey Hills businesses, or encouraging those around us to 'Support Local'.

Working together is better and we collaborate with our neighbouring Vineyards of the Surrey Hills' to promote quality British wine made by passionate wine families.  

We recognise our responsibility to look after our community and are committed to our work with local Surrey charities. 


Inspire Future Generations

Children are our future and educating them how to look after our environment is so important. Thinking of the next generation and providing for their future is at the forefront of our business so we're passionate about teaching others to live responsibly. 

Our bug hotel was built with the help of local school children who learnt about the importance of all creepy crawlies from the bugs in our soil, to the bees and the butterflies and our self-guided vineyard tour challenges all generations to consider our habitat and ecosystem. 

We provide new opportunities and future employment for the younger generation through the apprenticeship scheme. 


Respect and Care

When it comes to growing vines and making great wine we're more than passionate, we care. And not just about the environment, but about our families, our staff and our long-term impact on the future of our planet. It's our responsibility to look after and respect those who work and live alongside us, and to respect nature.

It's not easy making wine in England! You wouldn't do it unless you really care about it.


Value Provenance

We know that you care where your wine has come from, how the vines are grown, and how the team that make it run their business.

It's not enough to Shop Local, you need to have confidence that the product you buy has been made sustainably, ethically and with respect for the environment. And that it's good quality of course!

We share your ethos - we too care how our packaging has been made, how sustainable our glass bottles are, and where the cheese served in our tasting room comes from.