Bee-Keeping Demonstration

Our bee-keeping demos are seasonal and will recommence in May 2022. If you would like a voucher for a bee demo, please click here.

This exclusive session starts with an introduction into bees and bee-keeping with Sergio from Bee Friends, the only bee farmer in the Surrey Hills. Learn about the equipment and tools used by bee-keepers, and get a glimpse inside one of our Albury hives. You'll be suited up as a bee-keeper yourself, and so able to handle the frames and enjoy a close-up view of the busy workers. After your demonstration, you'll return to the vineyard barn for a question and answer session with Sergio whilst enjoying a glass of our award-winning sparkling wine, plus the chance to taste and buy our Albury Honey.

All sessions start at 10am and last approximately 2 hours. Please make sure you have read all the important safety information before booking.

Want to get more involved with the bees? Maybe you've thought of getting your own hives? You might be interested in our Bee Club!

If you have a voucher for a demonstration and have any trouble booking online, please email

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