Albury Spritz Cocktail Case

This cocktail mini case contains a bottle of Albury Estate Blanc de Blancs, rosso vermouth and bianco vermouth - everything you need to make two versions of the Albury Spritz cocktail - just add ice!

The Albury Spritz

- add 30ml of either vermouth to a tumbler or large wine glass with plenty of ice

- top with 125ml sparkling wine

- garnish with orange if using rosso vermouth, mint and lime with the bianco

Our vermouths have been hand-crafted from distilled Sauvignon wine, blended with Pinot Noir and carefully selected botanical infusions of herbs, spices and citrus peel. Hand-crafted by our neighbours at Silent Pool distillery.

Although fortified, vermouth is a wine so keep it in the fridge once opened and drink within four weeks. 

By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18.  

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