Christmas Willow Decorations

christmas willow decorations
7th & 29th November, 5th December
Join us for a fun, festive Christmas experience learning how to weave a willow heart, angels, traditional Swedish Stars or hanging tree decorations made from natural materials to decorate your home over Christmas, or hang outside all year round.
Each workshop includes a glass of Albury Estate sparkling wine and lunch is available as an optional extra. Lunch includes a selection of English cheese, charcuterie, olives, crackers & chutney, £15/person (additional wine and soft drinks are available to buy on the day).

We use a variety of Willows for making both the Hearts and Angels. Buff Willow which has had the bark removed before drying, the Willow is then soaked for around 1.5 hrs prior to use and left for 24hrs to mellow. Brown willow still has its bark and has been re-hydrated before use for 24hrs hours for every foot in length!

For the Traditional Swedish Star, you will learn to weave two stars that can either be combined and displayed together or separately. We will have a selection of natural coloured Willow and Dyed Willow to use on the day. We do not need to re-hydrate the Willow beforehand as it does not have to be very flexible to create the stars. 

For the 5th December workshop, a selection of natural materials will be provided including Willow, Birch, Hazel, Grasses, Cones, dried seed heads etc. and Lorraine will be on hand to demonstrate how to make various crafts including small Wreaths, Willow Stars, Birch Hearts, Hanging Tree decorations. You can choose to make one medium or large item or several smaller crafts to take home.


Please note that we will not have a different food offering available on the day, we can offer Dairy free (charcuterie only) or a Vegan cheese board only if requested when booking. Please refrain from bringing your own food and drink to these workshops. Additional wine and soft drinks are available to buy on the day.

The workshop will be held outside or in the vineyard tasting room in the event of bad weather. Tickets are non-refundable.