Albury Bianco Vermouth

50cl, 15% vol

This off-dry vermouth has been hand crafted from distilled Sauvignon wine blended with Pinot Noir and a lovingly considered selection of botanicals. 

Vermouth owes its name to wormwood, or 'wermut' and our English Bianco is off-dry in style. Vibrant aromas of sweet orange, mint and kaffir lime leaf are complimented by bold black tea and sweet honeybush with a hint of bay leaf and toasted oak for added complexity. A delicious amalgamation of nutmeg, orange peel, lemon balm and just a hint of Tasmanian mountain pepper adds body and, as with any vermouth, wormwood provides a distinctive tongue-smacking bitterness. 

Serve as a spritz with Albury sparkling wine, a twist of fresh lime and sprig of mint. Or for a classic martini combine one part vermouth with four parts gin and serve ice cold with lemon peel or olives.

Although fortified, vermouth is a wine so keep it in the fridge once opened and drink within four weeks. 

By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18.  Click here for our delivery policy. 

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