Wine Club Fun at the Vineyard

Great fun at the vineyard on Saturday as we released our Silent Pool Rosé 2013 to our Wine Club members.

Nearly 100 wine lovers turned up to the event, when we tasted not only the new release of our still rosé but also some Albury Pinot Gris and a Pétillante Naturel from the Loire Valley. An alcoholic haze enveloped the vineyard!

Miraculously the sun shone for the whole of Alex's popular tour of the vineyard and the rain only arrived for a short period while we were devouring the BBQ expertly prepared by Walter, followed by Lucy's delicious salads & brownies and Linda's yummy lemon drizzle cake; all washed down with some more of our Silent Pool Rosé and local beers from the Tillinbourne Brewery.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and gave a huge thumbs up to our latest release. Happy days!