When Wine Tastes Best

According to the Biodynamic Calendar today was a Fruit Day, which is a great day for tasting wine.

There are four different classifications of days (Fruit, Flower, Leaf and Root), defined according to the position of the moon in relation to the twelve constellations. Each constellation is associated with four elements, earth, air, fire and water and each of these elements effects a different part of the vine. The best days to drink wine are Fruit and Flower days and you should avoid Leaf and Root days.

The Easter weekend isn't good for drinking wine until the Monday evening but the good news is that National No Housework Day on 7th April and St George's Day on the 23rd are both Flower Days.

Whether you believe this or not it's interesting to know that both Tesco and Marks and Spencer now only hold tastings for wine critics on Fruit and Flower days! If you want to know more buy a copy of When Wine Tastes Best at Floris Books.