Monty's Pet Nat being released at RAW this weekend - cheers!

Just 24 hours to go until Monty's Pet Nat is released at the RAW WINE FAIR taking place this Sunday 17th and Monday 18th May. Visit the Albury Organic Vineyard stand to get a taste of English winemaking at its best. For more details about the RAW WINE FAIR visit

You can view the video on the Monty's Pet Nat facebook page. Remember to 'like and share' this page - when it reaches 200 likes we will give away a bottle of Monty's Pet Nat! You can also tweet about the wine @alburyvineyard @MontyWaldin using #MontysPetNat #naturalwine.

Monty's Pet Nat is the UK's first natural wine, and has been produced by Monty Waldin and Albury Organic Vineyard. To find out more about what it's all about, visit