Matthew Jukes' Review of Silent Pool Rosé 2017

Matthew Jukes has worked in the UK wine business for over 30 years. With experience in all sectors of the industry he has been writing about wine for two decades and during this time has penned fourteen wine books. So of course we were very excited to find out what he thinks of our new Silent Pool Rosé.

Matthew Jukes was asked to review his pick of the English rosés by The Vineyard Magazine, and here's what he wrote:

"I have been waiting for this wine for a very long time. We already have a fair number of delicious rosé in this country and most of them appear on these two pages. But we have yet to confidently graduate to the next level. This wine, which will be released in early May, is alone in delivering not only a stunningly appointed nose and palate, but it also has the X-Factor. Silent Pool Rosé has layers of minerality, grip and texture plus what I call 'anti-fruit' elements, which add immeasurably to the complexity on the palate while at the same time doing a perfect job of highlighting the unquestionable calibre of the biodynamic Pinot noir and Pinot meunier used here. When you add to this heavenly liquid a bottle, screwcap and label redesign which must be one of the most impressive packaging transformations I have ever seen, this is a wine which is operating at the very highest levels of world rosé production. Oh, did I mention it is a tiptoe light 10.5% alcohol. It is near perfect in every respect apart from the limited 4000 bottle production."




Pretty chuffed with that :) You can read the full article here, along with The Vineyard Magazine's article on Albury Vineyard's biodynamic approach. 

Silent Pool Rosé 2017 will be released to wine club members on 6th May, and will then be available to buy from the vineyard and selected independent wine merchants from 7th May.