Bees on the vineyard!

As many of you know, we have had bees living on the vineyard since May this year and they have now produced our first Albury honey! The bees are looked after by Albury Wine Club member Sergio and we are very happy to have these busy workers living with us. Being an organic, and indeed biodynamic vineyard, we are always the first to encourage biodiversity!
Lots of people have asked us recently how the changeable weather is affecting the vines at the moment, so we asked Alex, our vineyard manager, what she thinks:

Vineyard manager Alex, with owner Nick
"The vineyard is looking glorious t‎hanks to a good start to the season. Fantastic weather at flowering at the beginning of July meant that fruit-set was completed in just one week. Now, thanks to some recent rain, the fruit is swelling and the grapes are already pea size. The canopy has reached the top of the trellis and shoot tipping has been taken place. Soon leaf plucking will be done as well to expose the berries to sunshine and greater air movement which will lessen the risk of disease. Now we just need more sun and warmth and hopefully it will all end with a successful harvest‎!"