A Review of the wild ferment

A review of Albury Estate in the Telegraph!

To celebrate the launch of the Great British Classic Method, UK wine producers were asked to showcase their best examples of sparkling wine produced in the 'Classic' way. So we sent our Albury Estate Biodynamic Wild Ferment to be judged by the critics... and this week we were mentioned in the Telegraph! Victoria Moore selected our Wild Ferment as one of three 'Great British Classic Method Hallmark wines to try'.

“Classic Method wines are those that are made in the same way as champagne: the bubbles come from a second fermentation in the bottle. It’s a more expensive way to make wine sparkle than the “tank method” used to make prosecco and some of the newer, more experimental breeds of fizzy English wines. 

It also brings different flavours: wines produced by the Classic Method are richer, more toasty and more complex than the more fruity, simple wines made using the Tank Method. Until now, it has been hard for customers to know which sort of wine they are buying when they buy an English or Welsh wine with fizz in it.

Albury Estate Biodynamic Wild Ferment - a very limited edition wine made from 100% chardonnay, this has a classic blanc de blancs nose – creamy, lemony and fresh – and a beautiful interplay of sweet and sour. Lovely finesse."

Victoria Moore in The Telegraph (read the full article here)