Wine & Wellness

21st June, 10.30am - 2.30pm

We're delighted to collaborate with Chef Renu B to bring you a Wellness Day like never before!

Indulge your senses in a day of pure bliss, where we combine the art of mindful eating, movement, and the joy of wine.

Savour Every Bite: Delight in a chef-curated lunch of nourishing, seasonal foods that will replenish your body. Experience the magic of mindful eating as you connect with the flavours, textures, and aromas of each dish, promoting a deeper appreciation for food and its role in wellness.

Move with Purpose: Learn how to incorporate strength training into your weekly routine through our strength & conditioning class. Followed by a yoga flow to energise you and release tension. Ending the day with an optional guided walk around the vines.

Toast to Wellness: We’ll raise a glass of Albury organic sparkling wine to celebrate and unwind.

Whether you’re seeking to recharge, connect, or simply pamper yourself, our Wellness Day with Food, Movement in the tranquil setting of a vineyard, offers a sanctuary of holistic wellness where you can nourish your whole being.

Reserve your spot and secure an early-bird event price. Tickets are £63/person (£55 when booked before 26th April) and include refreshments, 2 work-out classes, a glass of Albury Estate sparkling wine and lunch.