Biodynamic Wine & Vineyard Experience

This event has been cancelled, sorry.

Sunday 2nd July 10.30am

This exclusive event begins with an introduction to biodynamics from Estate Manager Alex and Vineyard Manager Dominic. Albury is one of only a handful of biodynamic vineyards in the UK, and you'll learn about natural wine-making, biodynamic preparations, moon cycles, and why we love cow horns!

Then it's into the vineyard where you'll discover our passion for sustainability. We'll start by digging up the cow horn manure (biodynamic preparation 501) and mixing horn manure, Pass 100, wood chip and worm compost which we'll then spread under the rows. 

The event ends with a glass of Albury Estate sparkling wine.

The experience is expected to last 1.5-2 hours and you are welcome to stay longer if you wish, to enjoy more wine or a walk around the new wildlife walk.

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