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Silent Pool Rosé 2017

75cl, 10.5% vol

"This wine is alone in delivering not only a stunningly appointed nose and palate, but it also has the X-Factor. Silent Pool Rosé has layers of minerality, grip and texture plus what I call 'anti-fruit' elements, which add immeasurably to the complexity on the palate while at the same time doing a perfect job of highlighting the unquestionable calibre of the biodynamic Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier used here. When you add to this heavenly liquid a bottle, screwcap and label redesign which must be one of the most impressive packaging transformations I have ever seen, this is a wine which is operating at the very highest levels of world rosé production. Oh, did I mention it is a tiptoe light 10.5% alcohol. It is near perfect in every respect apart from the limited 4000 bottle production." (Matthew Jukes, reviewed May 2018)

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