biodynamic preparation 500 horn manure
Biodynamic Preparation 500 - Horn Manure
Conventional Organic Biodynamic

Conventional agriculture uses a combination of artificial and natural fertilisers to feed plants.

The use of artificial fertilisers can increase the salinity level of the active root zone and as a result soils become less biologically active.

Soil fertility is achieved through the use of raw manures, composts, organic fertilisers and mineral supplements.

These natural nutrients create a balanced environment not only for the plants to thrive in but also for the microorganisms that support their activity.

Composts are enhanced with natural biodynamic preparations made from Yarrow, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandelion, Valerian and Horse Tail. This enhances the microbiological diversity within the soil improving soil structure and fertility.

Preparations made from horn manure and quartz crystals (that have been buried in cow horns), as well as compost teas, are sprayed on the vineyard to stimulate humus formation and encourage plant development.


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